The skin does not behave in the same way in all seasons, find out how to adapt your beauty routine to autumn.

Temperature, humidity, hours of sunshine, or aggressions caused by external agents such as pollution or chlorine require us to adapt our beauty routine to the needs of the skin in each season. Find out how to adapt your beauty routine to autumn!

For example, during the coming autumn months, the atmosphere becomes colder and we may even have to deal with icy winds. Add to this the dry heat from office and home heating and the result is often itchy, irritated, and dry skin.

Here at OLAND, we bring you some advice on how to change your beauty routine to help you prevent these problems and adapt your skin to the new season in the best possible way. This is what we can do from home:

Review your cleansing routine: In autumn, due to the change of season and climate, skin tends to feel drier, tighter, and more sensitive. For this reason, it is essential that our Facial Cleanser contains moisturizing and nourishing agents that reactivate the skin’s natural barrier, and for this step, we recommend our Replenishing Cleanser. Toners are an excellent option for this time of year.

Reuse the Serum: We know that during the summer it is difficult to carry out a complete facial routine. The change of season is the perfect occasion to recover good habits such as the use of the serum.

Although the concentration of active ingredients varies depending on the composition of each one, it should be noted that its active ingredients penetrate the skin better, moisturizing, and toning it in turn. In addition, as they have light textures, they do not give a feeling of heaviness on the face, providing great comfort. Nothing like our Super Radiance Elixir to adapt your beauty routine to autumn.

The Moisturizer: You should look for a cream with a rich texture that responds to the needs of the skin during the autumn season. As well as looking for formulations rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid (better if this is liposome to ensure penetration into the deeper layers of the skin).

At OLAND you can adapt your beauty routine to autumn both during the day with our Nourishing Day Cream and at night with our Conditioning Night Cream.

Extra care: We all find it hard to give that extra bit of moisture and nourishment guaranteed by masks during the holidays. One of the essential steps in adapting your beauty routine to autumn is to re-use your favorite mask at least once a week. Our Intensive Treatment Mask can give your skin that summer glow.

Now you know how to look radiant and renewed skin in autumn too.