At OLAND all our products are vegan friendly, do you know what requirements must Vegan cosmetics meet??

Veganism is an ethical alternative to the consumption of animal products, whose philosophy is applied to all areas of daily life: from food to clothing and, of course, to personal care products. That is why vegan cosmetics are those that advocate the use of animal and nature-friendly products. And OLAND is one of the brands that join this philosophy of life.

Do you know where this belief comes from? The 4th of October is World Animal Day in commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi; he was born in 1182 (Italy) and left as teaching to humanity the duty to understand our place on Earth. The welfare of human beings is linked to the welfare of all animals and the environment; this is why he was one of the first pioneers of veganism.

For this reason, the fundamental requirements for being a Vegan Cosmetics brand are

– Not to use ingredients of animal origin and their derivatives in the formulations of the products.
– Not to test the cosmetic products in animals.

With regard to the first statement, it is important not to confuse Natural Cosmetics with Vegan Cosmetics, as natural cosmetics use ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax, lanolin, elastin, propolis, and non-vegetarian hyaluronic acid (mostly from the crests of roosters).

Furthermore, although the European Union has adopted a directive phasing out animal testing for cosmetics, thousands of animals are still subjected to cruel treatment for the purpose of testing new cosmetic products; this is because it is still legal to do so in some territories outside the EU.

At OLAND all our products are suitable for vegans. Our formulations do not contain any animal ingredients and we comply with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which prohibits the testing of cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.

We are aware of the fundamental role of biodiversity in preserving the proper functioning of ecosystems on our planet. That is why OLAND defends animal rights and offers environmentally friendly and totally vegan-friendly skincare.

What are you waiting for to join responsible cosmetics?