Did you know that approximately 80% of a cosmetic formula is artificial, treated water? It is the main component of any product and OLAND, true to its organic DNA, has incorporated it in the form of hydrolats. OLAND’s living, environmentally friendly waters.

What is the difference between traditional water and the water used by OLAND?

In general, the water used in cosmetics is usually artificial or treated, but OLAND, on the other hand, opts for a bioactive, pure, naturally balanced and biocompatible water from fruit distillates, which provide a suitable pH that is better suited for the skin.

Rich in essential oils, mineral salts and trace elements, this green elixir stimulates the body’s regenerative capacity, improves skin activity and receptivity, enhancing the anti-aging benefits of the formula.

Orange, lemon and grape are the 3 living and environmentally friendly waters that OLAND includes in its 8 anti-aging products. They are obtained from high quality ingredients harvested in their natural habitat and distilled with steam so that they do not lose their antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Science and nature come together with the aim of caring for our skin by offering an effective beauty ritual with maximum compatibility for our skin, even the most sensitive ones.


  • The Organic lemon water stands out for its high content of alkaloids, flavonoids and vitamins B6 and C that brighten, illuminate and provide a unique radiance to the skin.


  • Thanks to its antioxidant power and Vitamin C content, pure organic orange water fights the first signs of skin aging.


  • Finally, pure organic grape water provides essential oils, mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements that brighten, illuminate and give the skin a unique radiance. Thanks to its Vitamin C and B content, grape hydrolat moisturizes, soothes and improves microcirculation properties.


OLAND is joining the «protecting the environment» trend by offering an alternative water source that reduces water consumption and conserves the earth’s reserves. «Water scarcity is a problem that we must address together and awareness is key,» says Marta Soler, CEO of the brand.


OLAND contributes to protecting diversity, reducing environmental impact, carbon footprint and waste, providing maximum consumer confidence and facilitating transparency with its living, environmentally friendly waters.


OLAND offers an effective #OrganicLikeYou formula and has the NATRUE certification, one of the most demanding and internationally recognized certifications that promotes and protects Natural and Organic Cosmetics. «Having this seal of excellence makes us proud as a brand and at the same time we feel it is very necessary to effectively combat greenwashing and misleading claims about cosmetic products,» says Marta Soler.


With a deep commitment to our planet and our skin’s ecosystem, OLAND offers a clean anti-aging beauty experience with carefully selected natural ingredients with more than 95% organic origin, free of parabens and silicones.



In addition to harnessing plant water and reducing water consumption, OLAND undertakes further initiatives to reduce its impact on our planet Earth by ensuring that its production process is free of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, colorants, preservatives) and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

In terms of sustainability, OLAND has developed an action plan to help preserve our planet and reduce the negative impacts that endanger it:


  1. Packaging 100% Recyclable

OLAND has cardboard boxes, glass jars and jars and polyethylene lids so that you can separate the components and dispose of them in their corresponding containers.

  1. Sustainable Shipping

The shipping boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard, printed with non-polluting inks and the interior includes ecological and biodegradable filler.

  1. Organic and Recycled Promotional Materials

OLAND has 100% organic cotton cloth bags and paper bags containing 20% recycled paper.



The organic alternative to anti-aging cosmetics, cares for your skin while caring for the Earth.