Discover all the security measures in our shipments to guarantee our customers' health here
Discover all the security measures in our shipments to guarantee our customers' health here
    About Us
    OLAND is an organic anti-ageing cosmetic brand. With formulas developed to achieve maximum effectiveness and affinity with the skin. A unique sensory experience thanks to its textures and smells from certified ingredients with more than 95% organic origin.
    Our manifest
    Convince of the importance of taking care of the skin through certified organic products with selected ingredients that come from nature and provide the maximum affinity to the skin, launching a product line that goes further than the natural label and showing that the fusion of technology and nature is an excellent combination for skin care, including the sensitive ones.
    Organic care with a great affinity to your skin We get back the plant's active ingredients in its original form without compromising its efficacy. We return to the origin Transparency and honesty in our communication Disruptive Proximity Quality, technology, swiss origin Aspirational Sustainable
    Our History
    OLAND is one of the brands of PharmexCare, a company created in 2018 that belongs to the Swiss group Pharmex Group Holding S.A. PharmexCare is focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of cosmetic products. Pharmex SA was founded in June 2015 and the holding company was established as Pharmex Group Holding SA in December 2018 with the purchase of Laboratorios Pérez Giménez, and the creation of Pharmex Advanced Laboratories SL, an essential step in the worldwide expansion strategy of Pharmex Group Holding S.A. Its factory in Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba), with a huge 65.000m² facility and 25,000m² of manufacturing area, is the modern manufacturing plant, which enables Pharmex to produce and supply our products worldwide. Find out all about PharmexCare at