What is OLAND?
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What is OLAND?

    What is OLAND?

    Is an organic and certified anti-aging cosmetic brand of Swiss origin with carefully selected ingredients from nature, intended for the care of even the most sensitive skin, with a focus on efficacy and maximum affinity and compatibility with the skin. Our formulas have been developed to achieve maximum effectiveness and affinity with the skin. It is a unique sensory experience thanks to its textures and smells from certified ingredients with more than 95% organic origin.

    We aimed to convince of the importance of taking care of the skin through certified organic products with selected ingredients that come from nature and provide the maximum affinity to the skin, launching a product line that goes further than the natural label and showing that the fusion of technology and nature is an excellent combination for skincare, including the sensitive ones.


    What are your Values?

    At OLAND we promote organic care that provides the maximum affinity with the skin. We return to the origin, recovering the active principles of the plants in their original form. In addition, we try to be a transparent, honest, and close brand that aspires to provide the highest quality without renouncing sustainability and responsibility.


    Why Oland?

    What is OLAND  and why you should get the best organic alternative to anti-ageing cosmetics? We are organic. So, wouldn’t it make sense that the products you use for skincare would be too?

    From the purest water we get from fruit distillate to every single active ingredient and oil in our formulas, they are as organic as you are. That’s why the affinity between our products and your skin is absolute.

    If your body is organic, make sure that whatever acts on your skin is also organic.