True to its brand philosophy, OLAND, the certified organic and high quality Anti-Aging cosmetics brand, offers an amazing powerfull duo a shot of life with effective solutions to create responsible beauty rituals.

Its secret, a list of the best and most effective active ingredients selected from nature that represent the Ecofriendly alternative to traditional cosmetics to face the signs of aging.

OLAND is committed to CLEAN cosmetics, free of parabens and silicones that do not compromise the health of our skin. Here is OLAND’s commitment to offer the most effective beauty routines that respect the affinity with our skin and are certified at the highest international level by NATRUE, an international non-profit association committed to the promotion and protection of Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.


Rejuvenate, revitalize and brighten your skin with our powerfull duo a shot of life with effective solutions of OLAND. Two powerful products with vegan formulas that represent a shot of radiance and antioxidants for our skin, without losing sight of the respect for our Planet. Take note and discover the  Powerful Duo, responsible beauty rituals.


Super Radiance Elixir

The intensive beauty treatment that will become your best ally to show off a rejuvenated, firm and extra glowing skin.

Our Illuminating Anti-Aging Serum is an anti-aging bomb that minimizes wrinkles and activates collagen production, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. In addition, it fights age spots, promotes cell renewal and provides instant radiance thanks to its gold particles, leaving the skin velvety and radiant with a feeling of freshness.

Its powerful formula includes nature’s best active ingredients to fight the different signs of aging:

  • Maximum concentration of Liposomed Hyaluronic Acid to provide the skin with greater firmness and elasticity, minimizing wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Organic Beech Bud Extract to regenerate and tone the skin making it look fresh and luminous.
  • Organic Lily Bulb Extract, Organic Oils (Macadamia Nut, Babassu) with nourishing properties that soothe irritated and sensitive skin, providing a pleasant sensation of well-being on the face.
  • Gold Powder, known as a catalyst in the formation of collagen.
  • Zinc PCA, its regulating and decongestant power, cleanses and soothes sensitive skin by reducing the appearance of sebum and the feeling of tightness caused by skin dryness.
  • Organic Orange Water, with a high content of vitamin C, phenols, flavonoids and minerals, which improves skin affinity and enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients.


Bruma Facial

Our Mist revitalizes and provides a boost of energy to your skin through a beautifying gesture.

Its vegan formulation includes the most exclusive organic anti-aging ingredients to offer a unique sensorial experience with visible results.

It is also an ideal product to perfect the cleansing ritual, helping to remove impurities and cleanser residues. The skin is hydrated, revitalized and glowing, and is more receptive to the effects of skin care products.

At the office, on the subway ride home, or after hours on a plane, to fix makeup… our powerfull duo a shot of life with effective solutions is aa ritual that helps to keep our skin stimulated, energized and with a unique feeling of comfort, anytime, anywhere. Combine it with our Super Radiance Elixir for a Powerful Duo, responsible beauty rituals.

More information about OLAND

OLAND is a high quality certified organic anti-aging cosmetics brand that manifests through its DNA a deep commitment to our planet Earth.

As its name OrganicLAND indicates, its mission is to offer an environmentally responsible Beauty- Anti-Aging experience through formulas that include ingredients found in nature.

OLAND has the highest level of international certification NATRUE, an international non-profit association committed to the promotion and protection of Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.

Its certification is one of the most demanding and recognized in the world. All OLAND products are certified as organic cosmetics, as they contain more than 95% of organic ingredients from organic crops and are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


If your body is organic, make what works on your skin organic. Under this motto, OLAND provides maximum affinity with the skin, even the most sensitive, using active ingredients from plants in their original form, vegetable oils and biocompatible water in the form of hydrolates (pure water that circulates inside the plants) to enhance the anti-aging benefits of its formulas, without sacrificing their effectiveness.

OLAND contributes its grain of sand to curb the impact on our planet Earth by ensuring that its production process is free of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, colorants, preservatives) and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

In terms of sustainability, OLAND has developed an action plan to help preserve our planet and reduce the negative impacts that endanger it: Recycled and Recyclable Packaging, Sustainable Shipping, Organic and Recycled Promotional Materials.

OLAND, the organic alternative to anti-aging cosmetics, cares for your skin while caring for the Earth.

About PharmexCare

OLAND is the organic anti-aging brand of PharmexCare, a company created in 2018 with headquarters in Madrid, which belongs to the Swiss group Pharmex Group Holding S.A. Pharmex Group Holding S.A. was founded in June 2015 with the creation of Pharmex Advanced Laboratories SL whose factory in Almodovar del Rio (Cordoba), has a huge 65,000m» facility and 25,000m» of manufacturing area, which allows Pharmex to produce and supply its products worldwide.

PharmexCare is the group’s solid commitment to lead the cosmetics market thanks to the quality, innovation and technology used in the development of its products, as well as its holistic approach to beauty.

PharmexCare focuses on innovation and the development of new cosmetic brands, which aim to meet the trends and needs of beauty consumers around the world. They focus their efforts on developing and implementing different strategies aimed at different targets, regions, cultures and ages that will help them achieve their goals. PharmexCare has its international headquarters in Madrid: PharmexCare Cosmetics.