OLAND, the anti-aging beauty organic experience, with NATRUE

Discover the interview with our CEO Marta Soler, where you will learn about the beginning of OLAND, in the #TrueStory section of NATRUE, one of the most demanding and globally recognized certifications for authentic natural and organic beauty products from committed brands and manufacturers.

Marta Soler, CEO of OLAND
With a degree in Pharmacy and more than 20 years of experience in large multinational pharmaceutical companies, as well as a degree in Food Science and Technology, Marta has always been passionate about wellness, cosmetics, and natural products.
In recent years, she has dedicated herself to the development and creation of cosmetic brands adapted to the beauty trends and taking into consideration transparency, commitment to the planet, and the highest quality standards. Organic cosmetics such as OLAND, is a clear example.

NATRUE: When and why was OLAND created?
Marta Soler: OLAND was born from the combination of nature and science with the aim of caring for the skin with maximum affinity and effectiveness while being environmentally responsible. This gives the meaning to OLAND´s name, OrganicLand.
We detected a niche market and saw the opportunity to create a brand that would fight the signs of aging in a sustainable way, through organic ingredients. OLAND’s mission is to offer an environmentally and skin-responsible beauty experience through formulas that include more than 95% of ecologically cultivated ingredients, meeting the highest quality standards.

NATRUE: How would you define OLAND in one sentence, and what makes OLAND and anti-aging cosmetics Brand?

Marta Soler: OLAND is a NATRUE certified organic brand with a deep commitment to our planet and skin that offers an anti-aging beauty experience with carefully selected natural ingredients with over 95% organic origin.
Our products are made from selected ingredients from nature such as organic extracts and hydrolats, essential oils, organic butters, and fruit waters. All of them with moisturizing, regenerating, soothing, and firming effects while providing maximum affinity for the skin, even the most sensitive.

NATRUE: How do you make products available for each skin type?
Marta Soler: All products are suitable for sensitive skin through their natural anti-inflammatory properties. We base this claim on the results of the Patch test conducted on every single product with a protocol encompassing N.50 probands, out of which c.ca 50% with normal skin and c.ca 50% with sensitive skin.
Moreover, OLAND’s products fight aging through essential hydration and protection from free-radicals, and support skin’s metabolism and cell renewal with the natural power of nature. From the purest water we obtain from fruit distillates to each of the active ingredients and vegetable oils in our formulas, all of them are #OrganicLikeYou. For this reason, the affinity between our products and your skin is absolute.

NATRUE: How is OLAND adapting to new trends?
Marta Soler: We have detected the need to combat the signs of aging while also being aware of the growing concern for the environment and the planet. Therefore, we listened to society and our customers to develop a brand that would fulfill the function of being anti-aging, while sustainably taking care of yourself and the planet.

NATRUE: What is the added value NATRUE gives to your products?
Marta Soler: We saw it as essential to have certification for the full range of eight OLAND products, going beyond the «natural claim» and looking for providing credibility and reliability to our customers.

Having NATRUE certification makes us proud as a brand, as it is one of the most demanding in existence. With the organic NATRUE certification, OLAND contributes with its grain of sand to help protect diversity, reduce environmental impact, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce waste, giving maximum consumer confidence and facilitating transparency.